Hey!  Brad Boardman here.

Brad Boardman

Just so you can ascertain quickly whether Home Care Country and I are who you meant to find, let me give you a few of my vital statistics.

I was born at a young age in 1955, the same day as Disneyland.  I guess that makes me … old enough.

Virtually my whole life has been spent here in the Seattle area and, though having traveled through many of the other states, I’ve never found anywhere I’d rather live…so I think I’ll stay.

My patient wife Carrie and I were married in August of 1988.

I’m the father of Amy, Megan and Dawn.

I’m the grandfather of Brittany, Caitlin, Micah, Mason, Victoria, Jesse, Haley, Kerianne, Evan and Kingston.

I’m the great-grandfather of Marissa, Olivia, Illianna and Bentley.

I’m the son of Bill and Audrey who made me the eldest of the nine siblings (five of whom are adoptive).  As such, I was thrust (mostly under protest) into the first of my many caregiving rolls:  babysitter.

I have degrees in Vocal Performance and Christian Education.

Careers have been one of my specialties.  Among others there have been the contracting, the bus driving, the pastoring and the executive directoring of a very non-profit housing development agency.

Somewhere around twenty years ago some of my relatives began to get…well…old.  Since I owned a large house and worked primarily from home, Gramma moved in, thereby launching an incredible adult caregiving adventure!

Since that time I’ve personally taken care of about a dozen family members, friends and other clients ranging from those who simply require a little assistance to those who require total care.

Whether you’ve arrived at the role of caregiver courtesy of a sudden medical emergency or via the slow shuffling onset of a parent’s dementia; whether you chose caregiving or caregiving chose you, here at Home Care Country we will find commonality to some degree or another.

Could it be the answer to a common concern?  We may agree on some long-sought-after resource or hard-to-find item?  Maybe you’ll relate to an irreverent account of some crazy situation that just made you realize you’re not alone – complete with an opportunity for you to reply with a flaming rant.

Whatever the case may be, you’re welcome here in Home Care Country.  I hope you’ll see us routinely, frequently and eagerly.  I’d love to get to know you and the Treasures for whom you care.

We’re blessed to be a blessing,


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