Caregiving – Now And Then

When I set out to put this site together and started thinking about content for it, I made what was for me a pretty astounding discovery:  there sure is a lot of woe-is-me-ism out there when it comes to the idea of having to care for the old folks!

Well, guess what!  If everything goes according to plan, we’ll all get to be old folks someday and when we are, we’ll each probably need some help.  With that in mind, those of us who are closing in on the time when our parents or grandparents are needing that help should be concentrating on showing the young folks how it’s done.  Smile.

To many the whole concept of caregiving might seem unbelievably foreign but to most of the “many” the question could be asked, “Have you ever taken care of a child?”  It’s been my experience that caring for the older set is pretty similar to watching out for kids with one significant difference.  With kids you provide less care over time and with seniors you usually provide more.

Certainly, this is not to minimize the load that most certainly increases as we move into caring for aging loved-ones but let’s face it.  Aging and the end of life are just as much facts of living as are birth and growing up.  Whatever “phase” you’re in offers some sort of opportunity for living!

The point here is this: Let’s get philosophical about “care.”  Somewhere along life’s continuum you’re more than likely to brush up against it – either as one who’s involved in giving it or as one who needs to receive it…or both.  As you look at it out there in front of you, do your best to provide it the same way you hope to receive it.

You’re in Home Care Country!

Make yourself comfortable,


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